Week Beginning 3rd December Notes Year 1

Last Week:

Maths: We have made sure we know our number bonds to 10 using computer programs, Numicon, tens frames, double-sided counters, Mathletics etc.  We continue to practise our days of the week, months of the year and matching numberd to their corresponding words.

Literacy: We have looked at the story Knuffle Bunny and used our phonics skills to write our own alien words

Creative Curriculum:  We started to look at the continents on planet Earth, noting the different animals that may live in Africa.  The children made a beautiful sunset picture of African animals.  We continued to look at wildlife in the UK, making bird feeder for your gardens. THANK YOU for your donations of seed and lard:  We had great fun making them! We hope you and the children have enjoyed watching the birds visit your garden.

THANK YOU for donating festive decorations to our classroom – if you have other spare Christmas decorations you could donate we would be most grateful! We have very old and limited stock in our cupboards and would love to make our classrooms look magical for all the children!

Next Week:

Santa needs our help to count his elves!  We shall be making sure we can partition our teens, count in twos, fives and tens.  Santa will need us to represent numbers under 20 in many different ways so everyone at the North Pole can help Santa.

Literacy: In Literacy we will be writing our own story about  a lost toy.

Creative Curriculum: In the creative curriculum we will be finding out a few facts about kangaroos and marsupials. We will also be locating and naming some of the worlds continents.  

Weekly homework: Daily record of reading – your record is vital to our monitoring of the children’s development.  Reading daily at this age is critical and we monitor this every week so we can track the children’s progress against how much they read out of school.  We really do appreciate your input.

Story World Comprehension

1000 Mathletics points – PLEASE PRACTISE LOGGING ON WITH YOUR CHILD AT HOME. We would like them to be able to log on themselves on an iPad and a computer.  We are unable to all use Matheltics in the suite together until the children can achieve this – may be we can aim for this for January!

If possible, please practise some of the phonics at the back of the diaries too. Don’t forget to practise your keywords as often as possible too! These words are the foundation or building blocks of all the reading books we send home and a re really important.

Week 9 – Revise oo/ oo












Working with your child at home is so important and we thank you for your support in this.

PLEASE ENSURE HALL HATS/COATS/GLOVES are named.  There are 90 children in each corridor – that’s a lot of winter wear to match to children every playtime.

Have a great weekend.

Year 1.

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