Curriculum Notes Wk beg 18.03.19

Curriculum Notes Wk beg 18.03.2019

Phonics: Now that the children have learnt all of their Phase 3 phonic sounds we will be focusing on them applying these to read and write. We will also have a key word of the week which the children must include in their writing.

This week’s high frequency reading words are: is, it, at, in, and, the, to, no, go, I, he, she, we, me, be, was, my, you, they, said, have, so and do.

This week’s topic: Under the sea/assembly practise.

Skills we will be teaching them:

  • Rehearsing for our year group assembly, learning our lines and songs.
  • To create the decoration for our Mother’s Day Cards
  • To make predictions and analyse results from our Science investigations
  • To secure our ordering of numbers 1-20 and improve our counting in 2’s and 5’s
  • To use our phase 3 phonic knowledge to support writing in sentences using capital letters, full stops and consistently sized, correctly formed letters.
  • To discuss our understanding of what distance is and carry out simple tests to see which items travel the furthest.
  • To read with our teachers using our phase 3 phonic skills to decode and blend new words and explain our understanding of what we have read.
  • To continue to practice our handwriting using correctly formed and consistently sized letters.
  • To participate and improve our ball skills

-Please ensure that you continue to work with your child to practise their words for the assembly. It is looking great so far and we are amazed with how many of them are able to recite their lines without any support. We just need to ensure they are all speaking loudly and clearly, so that they are able to be heard across the school hall. Please praise them for how well they are doing and encourage them to speak with expression if possible.

This week we would like you to work with your children on spelling their key words. This could be a list of words in their diary or these words could be used within some sentences. The words looked at so far this year are listed above. We would like you to select those that you feel your child is most comfortable with. Thank you.

Additional Notes:

Wednesay 27th March is the children’s class assembly. Please could they all come to school dressed in black on this date. The forms regarding the parent lunch following this have been sent out today, so please return them ASAP. Thank you and we are really looking forward to sharing this special performance with you! 🙂



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