Week Beginning 18th March

Last week:

We have been working hard on our number bonds to 10 and 20. We have done lots of work around tens and ones to support this also. Please could you help support us and work hard to ensure that all children are secure with number bonds to 10 and 20. We have also been writing lots of addition and subtraction facts within 20 and solving a range of problems, including missing number problems.

We had a focus on materials last week in preparation for our new topic: A Grand Day out. We were classifying materials and learning all about their properties. If you could talk to children about materials around the home and their properties this would be great. We have learnt lots of new words such as: transparent, opaque, absorbent, man-made, recycle, etc., please encourage the use of scientific vocabulary at home.

Thank you to those of you who managed to bring in a picture of your beautiful homes.

Our next learning:

Literacy: In literacy this week will be looking at a variety of toys from the past and present. We will be sharing some of our favourite toys and looking at how designs have been developed over the decades. We will be doing lots of comparing and contrasting talking about similarities and differences.

Maths: We will continue to have a focus on place value and number in maths. We will do some adding and subtracting within 20 using a number line. We will then begin to investigate and solve  missing number problems using concrete equipment such as tens frames and Numicon.


Spellings: To teach/revise split i-e












If you have any old toys from the past at home that you would be willing to bring in and allow the children to share we would be most grateful. We understand that some toys may be ‘not for playing’ due to the sentimental value or age of the toy. If this is the case please could you direct teachers to ensure that we do our upmost to ensure your wonderful toys are kept in all their glory for years to come! If you don’t mind the children playing that’s fine too!

You should all now have received a letter informing our about the arrangements for Enterprise and our class assembly. If you did not you can find the details below:

10:00 Assembly starts

10:30 Enterprise Sale in the children’s classroom – children will have worked hard to plan, design, make, evaluate and cost cuddly owls or hedgehogs and they will then sell them to you on the morning. More details to follow.

11:15 Lunch with your child and siblings

Have a wonderful weekend.

The Year One Team


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