Year 6 Curriculum Notes, Spellings & Homework 11.3.19


Please check with your child for their homework as it is set for each child by their maths & literacy teacher.

Click here for the POWer project this half term. WW2 Power Project

Reminder – we are asking all pupils to read for at least 20 minutes every day. Afterwards, they need to record their reading in their school diary ready for checking on a Friday.


We are working on words that end in -ate. These spellings will be tested this week:

accommodate  appreciate

inappropriate   activate

exaggerate     discriminate

concentrate    illuminate

desperate        dedicate

communicate   fortunate

Curriculum Notes

This week we will be:

  • Visited by pupils from Japan
  • Netball/football
  • WW2 Dance

Reminder – the PTA could do with any help that you can give, whether this is for half an hour at a disco or more!

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