Easter Curriculum Notes

Curriculum Notes Wk beg 29.04.2019


This week’s topic: Humpty Dumpty/ Castles


Skills we will be teaching them:

To act in role pretending to be Knights and princess’

To learn the traditional tale of ‘Humpty Dumpty’ off by heart

To use our imagination to think of what could be inside the eggs at school

(we are having a delivery of eggs that will hatch into chicks, please keep this a secret from the children)

To use non-standard units of measurement to measure different objects

To create a ‘Wanted’ poster based around the crime of ‘Who pushed Humpty?!’

To adapt the song ‘Frere Jacques’ to create our own songs and rhymes

To read and match rhyming couplets

To read sentences and fill in the missing words applying all of their phonic knowledge and knowledge of key words

To talk about similarities and differences when looking at different materials and surfaces

To improve our stability in P.E and our ability to jump off an object and land safely




The children have worked so hard recently that we think that they deserve a huge break! We are absolutely blown away with how much progress they have made this term. You should all be so proud of your little ones, they are FAB!


Additional Notes:


A letter went out regarding an optional Easter Science project based around Recycling. Should your child wish to enter this, they need to return these on Friday 3rd May.


Have a super Easter and enjoy lots of yummy chocolate! J

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