Year 1 Curriculum Notes for Week Beginning 07.10.19

Week 6 Curriculum Notes – week beg 07.10.19

This week’s sounds – lk, lp

This week’s key words to spell and read – they, there

This week’s spellings – (th sound) the, then, than, with, that, they, bath, path, cloth, thank

Objectives that we are covering:

Scientific enquiry skills of asking questions, writing hypothesis and methods.

Maths – understanding the value of digits’ in 2 digit numbers (tens and ones)

Writing instructions for planting

Reading – To decode words to build up fluency, and to decode by applying phonic knowledge

Geography – Map skills – Know how to plot a map and use symbols to draw it accurately

Homework – Please train your child to login to Mathletics themselves. This is taking a long time to get them all on at the moment so we need them to be more independent. When on Mathletics please play on any of the games under “Number and Place Value to 50”. THERE IS NO WRITTEN HOMEWORK THIS WEEK! Enjoy the rest!

Please remember to send your child in with a (just 1) vegetable (onion, celery heart, garlic bulb, carrot, pepper, corn on cob, potato) on Monday as we are planting. They will also need an empty 2-litre bottle.

Trip on Thursday to Sandwell Valley – the children will need to be in wellies or waterproof shoes as it is very muddy.

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