Year 1 Curriculum Notes WB 30.9.19

WB 30.9.19

This week’s key words to read and spell are: of, I, you (new words this week)

Phonics sounds to recap: mp, st, nt, nd.

We will be teaching words that have the ‘ff’ consonant digraph at the end. We will point out to the children that if the sound is at the end of the word, it is generally a double ‘f’. (huff, puff, fluff, cliff, off, stuff)

We are continuing to base our learning around David Attenborough and conservation  – whilst focusing on continents, endangered and extinct animals. We will be learning about different endangered/extinct animals and where their habitats are.

Homework: Comprehension – Every child will receive a comprehension sheet for their reading book. Bug Club games. Mathletics.

Reading Target for the week:

Use their phonics understanding and skills to decode words.

This learning objective will no longer be stuck into the Communication Books in a bid to save paper but please focus on it when reading at home with your child.

Could the children please bring in to school by Friday any one of the following:  a pepper (any colour), an onion, a bulb of garlic, an avocado stone, a celery heart or a carrot top.  If the vegetables are on the turn so much the better.


Thank so much.


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