Year 3 Curriculum Notes

Curriculum Notes for 7.10.19

The children all worked really hard this week on their writing activity to describe a setting and a character.  We were really pleased with their perseverance.

Homework this week links to our spellings which are still focussing on plurals.  We have given you a copy of the rules for making words plural and the children have an activity linked to these.

Spellings for next week are:

party                     parties                   believe

berry                    berries                    bicycle

dictionary             dictionaries

peaches                 speeches

questions               promises

In Literacy next week, we are going to be looking at the features of instructional texts and then writing instructions for the process of mummification and also reinforcing our understanding of the rules for plurals.

In Maths, Miss Reilly will be teaching rounding 2-digit numbers to the nearest 10 and inverse operations.  Mrs Elvins will be using Cuisenaire rods to represent addition and subtraction calculations and different number facts.

Remember the children need to be regularly practising their times tables.  Each child should know which Daily Practice Challenge they are currently doing.  Here are the links for the websites mentioned at the Year 3 Workshop.


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