Science Fair!



Science Project 2020!

Dear Parents,

We are launching our Science Project, in partnership with the Learning Trust for Excellence and the Ogden Trust, for children to complete over the Easter holidays- or before if you find you have some spare time on your hands!

This year children are invited to explore an area of science that they are interested in. Please find attached the PowerPoint used in assembly to launch the projects and there’s more information below.

Science fair launch assembly

  • This year’s focus is to conduct your own science experiment at home.
  • You can decide what experiment you would like to do. You could use the following websites for inspiration:

  • You could display it on a project board, as seen below. This can be made from a cereal box, and includes your question, aim, method, prediction, results and conclusion
  • We can have an online Science Fair if you Tweet photos of your projects by Thursday 23rd April
  • A certificate will be awarded for everyone who brings in their science project to school and there will be a prize for Reception, Years 1 and 2; Years 3 and 4; and Years 5 and 6

We are not expecting perfect examples of experiments! This is not a compulsory project, just an invitation to have a go and enjoy exploring Science together.

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