Distance Learning 22.05.2020

Welcome to the last Friday of this half-term – it’s amazing how time flies and moves so slowly at the same time!

We take a small break from Magnus for today – there seemed no point starting a new chapter, getting halfway through then nothing for ten days, but there is still plenty to do!

Friday 22th May 2020 ASB

For Maths, there is the usual challenge for Mrs Greening’s group and an extension:

Mrs Greening’s group Fri 22.5.20 Maths

Mrs Greening’s Fri 22.5.20 Y5_Extension_Arithmetic_Test_4

For my group, we double up on the ‘Warm up’ then have a little reasoning and back on the interactive – it’ all go!

Next it is Friday so it is PE, courtesy of Mr B, and Computing, so take next week off (hee, hee!)!

http://data.axmag.com/data/202005/20200507/U178930_F563004/HTML5/index.html (need to highlight, cut and paste this one)

Computing Fri 22.5.20 Creative Curriculum

Have a lovely, safe half-term and we’ll speak after the break!

Mrs Greening, Mrs Bradshaw and Mr Clarke

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