Reception – Friday 22nd May 2020

To all the Lovely Ladybirds and Bumble Bees…..And so we come to the end of a very unusual half term.  We sincerely hope you have all been able to make the best of the situation and hopefully had the most wonderful bonus time with your families.  It has been wonderful to hear how well you are all doing and so great to hear and see all the terrific things you have been creating at home.  A huge WELL DONE to you all!

This is our last day of distance learning tasks as today we ‘break up’ for the holidays.  We will not be posting again until Monday 1st June.

Task 1 – Bug Club – read a book of your choice

We hope that the children’s reading is really developing well and they face books with so much confidence in the knowledge that they can read tricky words and use their phonics skills to sound out new words.

Task 2 – Phonics Play – choose your favourite games but try choose ones which help you practise these three areas:

  1. digraphs and trigraphs – choose ones you need to practise
  2. tricky words
  3. pseudo words

Task 3 – Traditional Tales – Which is your favourite story?

We all have our favourite traditional tale.  It would be wonderful if you could share yours with your children and tell them why it is your favourite.  Then ask them to tell you about their favourite story and/or character.  Please create a model/collage/picture to show your child’s favourite traditional story.  If energy allows, please write a few sentences about it.


My favourite story is Aladdin because I love the idea of somebody who once faced hardship can create a happy and successful future with a little help from their friends.  I also loves the kindness Aladdin shows the Genie and, of course, the magic!  I have always dreamed of what I would ask the Genie.  What would your 3 wishes be?Aladdin live-action remake: Who's playing who |

Task 4 – Mental Health Week – Share a Story ‘Everybody Worries’

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and here is a link to a really lovely story to share and talk about together.  Find a quiet time to snuggle up together when you don’t have to rush off to make a phone call or meet the delivery man.  It is worth reading it for yourself first so you can prepare yourself for the kinds of things your children may ask.


Everybody Worries eBook: Burgerman, Jon, Burgerman, Jon: ...

 Task 5 – Keep Active and enjoy the great outdoors!

We are blessed with incredible at the moment – thank goodness – we hope you have lots of fun together and can make some lovely memories.  Lots of you have learnt to ride your bike, so you can put your skills to the test and make your legs super strong!

Have a wonderful half term. Stay Safe and we will be in touch very soon.

Mrs Bambury, Miss Fowkes

Mrs Goldspink, Mrs Bissett and Mr Hill


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