Year 3 Home Learning

Thursday 21st May

Welcome to Thursday’s Home Learning Year 3!  We hope you got outside yesterday in the lovely weather!  How did you get on with Barefoot game on abstraction?  Did you manage to keep the zoo running smoothly?

Word of the Day: assure

Reading:  Sit in the garden and enjoy reading a book of your choice today!

Our writing activity is a SPaG activity today (or if you didn’t manage to complete your Stonehenge booklet, keep going and finish it off today!).  We will be recapping (or to use Tuesday’s word of the day – revising) lots of our Year 3 SPaG work today.  Click on the web link below to take you to the on-line Rising Stars Year 3 Home Learning pack and work through the ten Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Skills Builders activities.  Click on Activity 1 then press the star to ‘hide list’ so you can see the full screen.  Press on the purple ‘next’ arrow to move onto the next set of questions.

When you have finished, if you scroll down to the comprehension section, there is a Stonehenge quiz!  Test your knowledge if you want to!

Maths – Remember to practise your times tables!

You have two choices for Maths today!  You can do both activities or choose one!

Activity 1 – create your own maze similar to the one in yesterday’s activity where the mouse had to get to the cheese!  Can you give someone directions to guide them through the maze using instructions like forward 3 steps, 90 degree turn to the right etc.  Think carefully how you could make your maze or pathway.  Are you going to work inside or outside?


Activity 2 – When we were learning about Ancient Egypt, we used the coding program Scratch.  Can you create an algorithm to draw a square or a rectangle in Scratch using the coding blocks?  

Click Start Creating, close the tutorials pop-up by clicking the cross and use the coding blocks for event, control and motion.  You will also need to click in the bottom left hand corner to ‘add pen’ as an extension!

Have a go first.  If you get stuck, click below for the code for a square and see if you can copy it then see if you can change it to draw a rectangle!

For our final activity today, we are going to continue our computing work!  Today we are going to focus on the computational thinking concepts of logic and evaluation!  Click on the link to play the game!  It should remind you of the coding work we did in school on World Maths Day!

Have a lovely day!  The Year Three team.


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