Year 6 Home Learning Friday 22.5.20

Year 6 Home Learning Friday 22.5.20

Dear Year 6

We’ve made it again!  Today marks the last day of this half-term and the start of your half-term holiday.  We thought some PE might be appreciated this afternoon, since we’re going to be studying cricket next half-term.  You’ve also got your final maths and English tasks for this half-term, and a chewy, biscuit-based mystery word to spot!


Please see your daily mental maths answers and questions below:

Mental Maths Answers 21.5.20

Mental Maths Questions 22.5.20

Your daily reasoning practice answers for yesterday

Answers 21.5.20

For your questions, please click on the link below and go to the problem solving questions for day 5.

If you’re finding you need more of a challenge, please do feel free to have a go at the Year 7 lessons, to the right of the page when you click on the link above, or check out Cambridge University’s nrich website at the link below, which has lots of challenges, problems and games to play.

Also, remember that Hit The Button, Times Tables Me and are all great ways to keep up with those times tables and other number facts.


Writing Task

As mentioned above, your task this week is called My Manor, a visual piece of literacy which builds on the work you’ve done on our town, and will address your links to the local area.  You are being asked to create a short film which explores the places which represent you and your life in Sutton Coldfield.  You can do a short presentation outside each place about your connection to it and why it’s important to you.  Then on Friday you can show it to your family, they can save it and play it when you’re grown up, maybe at a special occasion such as your 21st birthday or even your wedding, should you choose to get married!  Each short presentation can include facts about the place, why it’s a chosen place for you, and maybe even a socially distanced interview with another person in your life who also has a link to that place.  Places might include: special areas of Sutton Park, place of worship, sporting locations.  You could film one a day whilst out on a walk.  Now, let’s be clear about health and safety: you will need to do this with a parent or carer, and must not do it on your own.  Also, however you make your films, for example, on an iPad, they must not be shared with anyone unless you have permission from your parents or carers.  They are meant to be a record for you and your family.

That said, it might be impossible for you to do this film with parents working from home.  Therefore, as an alternative you can make a PowerPoint presentation entitled My Manor, or follow the series of lessons below, which will change every day.  It’s up to you, whatever works for you and your family is what we’re after.

Reading Task

Please see below for this week’s Double Decker reading task, which focuses on reading a range of poetry by a particular poet and comparing them.  Luckily, poets have great websites these days so you will be able to choose a poet from the list below and find their poems on the internet. Please choose from:

Benjamin Zephaniah

Michael Rosen

Kit Wright

The task asks you to discuss style and form in one section. Remember this refers to the type of choices a poet makes to convey the meaning, such as having a set rhyme or no rhyme at all, length of lines, length of poem, some punctuation or no punctuation at all.

Poets and Poems WB 18.5.20

Spelling and Handwriting

Please continue to practise the Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 spellings you have at home.  If you can spell all of these words, please start to collect a spelling list of your own from words you discover as you read.  Make a bookmark and write the words down on your bookmark.


As mentioned above, we’d like you to dust off those cricket skills this afternoon and enjoy some coaching from our friends at Chance to Shine.  We’d like you to work your way through the cricket coaching skills videos which can be found at the link below.  This will take you to the ‘videos’ part of the YouTube page.  Go about 3 rows down, you’ll see the Chance to Shine Cricket Sessions Week 1 Video.  There is about 8 weeks’ worth of coaching on this page, and it’s up to you which one you do.  You could start simply with week one and work your way through (the videos are not very long) or if you’re an expert cricketer you might want to do one of the more advanced challenges.  Don’t worry if you haven’t got a ball. As they say in the film, a rolled-up pair of socks will be just as effective to practise your skills.

Have a lovely half-term. and a lovely week off ‘official’ home learning!  Make sure you enjoy lots of reading though!

Team Year 6




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