KS2 Distance POW-er Learning Week beginning 13th July 2020

Good morning and welcome to the final week of our school year, and we have a special POW-er Project for you all!

What do we mean by a POW-er Project?

This week, although it can extend into your holiday too, it’s a ‘One school; One book’ adventure. The chosen book is called ‘Leon and the Place Between’ by Grahame Baker-Smith.

You can read the book by opening up the 2 PowerPoints below, and/or you can listen to the teachers read the story by clicking on the video link above.

Leon and the Place Between Storybook part 1

Leon and the Place Between Storybook part 2

Each subject leader has compiled a set of tasks for you to complete – for example, as Geography coordinator,  I have set tasks based on map-making in the form of a plan, which means you are looking down on an area, only seeing the tops of things – so no elevations (side on views). If you complete one of the tasks, you win a number of POW points assigned to the task: in some subjects these are cumulative, while others are based on the task given.

For each task, or stage of the task, completed you total up the number of POW points and there are certificates available for three stages of accomplishment: Bronze, Silver and Gold!

Below are the POW-er tasks and some resources to support your work, so – good luck and magic yourself away to meet ‘Leon and the Place Between’

KS2 POWer Project

KS2 POWer Project

KS2 POWer Project Resources

Have a lot of fun and, if we do not have the chance to ‘speak’ again, a great holiday!

From all at Four Oaks Primary School!

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