Monday 6th July – Year 1 Home Learning


Transition Booklet – Hedgehogsgoing to Turtles

Dear Children,
You have worked so hard over the past 15 weeks completing lots of different tasks for your teachers to ensure that you have progressed in your learning.  We are now at the point in the school year when as well as looking backwards at all of your achievements we are looking forwards to a new school year starting in September. If we were all in school you would be having some transition days with your new teachers and teaching assistants, so that you could get to know them and they could learn about all of your talents.  Obviously we are not all in school but we would like this still to happen, so we have set up some lovely transition activities for you to complete.  You will spot messages from your past teachers so you can reflect on the learning that you have completed this year.  You will also see your new teachers for next year and have some work to complete for them.  We would love you to complete all of the work in these booklets over the course of the week, being as creative and imaginative as possible. Take your time on art projects to make them look inspiring, and draft and rewrite your writing tasks to show off your capabilities.  Do not feel restricted to the format on the sheet, these are simply there as guidance. Please feel free to dig into your craft boxes to make reflection posters of this year topics, or use an actual t-shirt to tell your teachers all about you…  These transition booklets and any work created alongside them will need to be brought in to school with you on your first day in September, as your new class teacher will use them to start the year off.  
This is the only work you will receive this week as a lot of time can be put in to being creative.  Alongside this work please continue to enjoy reading, play board games to improve your problem solving and strategic skills, go on Mathletics and Bug Club to deepen your key skills knowledge, and complete the sporting challenges that Mr Boughton has set.  We hope this change in distance learning task will inspire you and enable your new teachers to learn all about you in September.
Have a really fun week with this!
Love from the Year 1 Team xxxxx

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