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Good morning everyone! We miss you all already! Here is today’s learning. Please remember if you need any help then you can email us on:



It is now compulsory that you email the children’s work to us so that we can see how they are getting on with their home learning so please email it to us when completed each day. We have been instructed that phone calls will have to be made if we don’t receive the children’s home learning each day.  

Mrs Brown and Miss Squires (the lovely teaching assisstants in Year 4) will be ringing some children to do some reading with them over the phone so if you get a phone call from them don’t be alarmed.



Revise words with y not at end of word:












Today’s activity is to practise writing your spellings following our letter join handwriting joins. Trace over each word and then write it independently.


The children’s log in details are:


password: home

Once they log in they should go to their class name and then on the left hand side they should click on


Work sheet Generator

Spelling lists

The children can then type their spelling words in to the sheet and then print it off to complete their handwriting task.


We have been looking at subordinating conjunctions at school. Remember the acronym: I SAW A WABUB

If Since As When Although While After Before Until Because


Play ‘Using conjunctions to extend sentences game.’

Children have a list of conjunctions available and sentences which they need to cut out. They need to choose a sentence at random from their pile and pick an appropriate conjunction which will extend the sentence. How many different sentences can they make?

Using Conjunctions to Extend Sentences game


Children to extend the given sentence using the conjunctions at bottom of sheet.

Sentences to be written on lined paper using the same beautiful handwriting that they practised this morning and children to underline the conjunctions.

Using Conjunctions to Extend Sentences Activity Sheet

Using Conjunctions to Extend Sentences Answers


Continue to read towards one of the squares on your reading challenge. Remember to write in your yellow home communication book what we have been reading. To make it clear for us, we would like you to start doing this at the back of the book. Please draw 3 columns: date, book title and pages read. Children you can write this information.


Mrs Glover’s Maths Group:

Complete Tuesdays 20 mixed times table questions. Can you beat your time from yesterday?

Daily Times Table Grid

Also test your times table skills by playing hit the button. Choose mixed times tables to give yourself a real test. Play a few times and see how many you can get correct in the given time.


Main lesson:

Year 4  Calculate mentally 4.2.b.3 Use place value, known and derived facts to multiply mentally, including: multiplying by 0 and 1; multiplying together three numbers.

Advancing: The pupil can multiply any integer by zero and one. they are able to multiply three numbers e.g 2x4x3.

Please can children complete the first sheets provided which link to the ‘multiplying by 0 and 1’ part of the learning objective.


Deep: The pupil can multiply any integer by zero and one.  They are able to multiply three larger numbers and apply this: e.g. 60 x 500 x 30 x 1 = 900,000.

The second sheet provided asks children to multiply 3 larger numbers (which is the second part of the learning objective). The sheet begins with multiplying one digit numbers and then moves on to multiplying two- and three-digit numbers. Although these are mental calculations children should show their thinking as modelled on the sheet.

multiply larger numbers mentally

multiply larger numbers mentally ANSWERS


Mr Cope’s Maths Group.

Please warm up by practising your timetables. Do it at least once.


Today’s lesson is our first lesson on subtraction. Children will concentrate on subtraction calculations with no exchanges. Key questions include – Do we need to make both numbers when creating a subtraction calculation with counters? Why/ Why not? Which column do we start with and why is this important? Please find the teaching resources below for today’s lesson:


Maths Starter Day 2

Mr Cope’s Group Day 2

Answers for Day 2

Miss Squires Maths Group.

Please warm up by practising your timetables. Do it at least once.


Continue to use stories which link to pictures and concrete manipulatives to explore making equal groups and write statements such as ‘there are ___ groups of ___ 0r ……. Divided by ……. Equals……….’ Hopefully they will recognise and explain how they know when they are equal or not. If children see equal groups that are arranged differently, they should understand that the groups look different but can still be equal in number. Explore this using concrete equipment you can find around the home. There are some resources to help with today’s lesson below:

Starter Day 2

Miss Squires Day 2 Main Activity


Washing Line Science (Evaporation) – Your task is to investigate the speed in which water evaporates around the home.

You can use the template below to plan and record your experiment. You may wish to write it up on lined paper when complete. Remember, you must only change one variable in your experiment and leave everything else the same to ensure it will be a fair test. You may decide to change the location of your material, you may change the size of your material, you may change the type of material you use. Consider how long you wish for the experiment to last for, are you dipping the material into water for a certain amount of time or will you pour a set amount? Will you use a simple sock and hang one in the shed, one on the radiator and one in the kitchen, or will you use squares of different materials of equal size? Once you have chosen your experiment remember to record your prediction, results and write your conclusion, you may wish to draw a labelled diagram too.

Investigation Template

Extension Task: Why not set up another experiment like we did at school? Pour the same amount of liquid into different containers, place these around the home and observe which pot evaporates first!


Remember we are here to help if you need us!

Mrs Glover and Mr Cope

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