Reception Learning for Wednesday 13th January

Dear Bumblebee and Ladybird Parents,

We hope you are all well and have had a great day.

Important message: All communication and children’s work must be sent to your child’s teacher from your child’s email address via the following email addresses:

These are the email addresses teachers are currently using and checking daily.

Please sign in through Office365 using your child’s email address to send your child’s work.

Bug Club

We have de-allocated all of the current children’s resources on Bug Club and have now allocated 15 phonics games for your child to access. Normally, the children would take one book home a week, so we have allocated 1 book we would like your child to focus on for the week. We will allocate a new book weekly.

Please let us know how your child found the book in your THURSDAY email. This will help us with re-allocations.

The book we have allocated has being aimed directly at your child’s phonics development and key word recall. Al children should be able to segment, blend and sight read key words.

This weeks’ live sessions:

Another great morning of live phonics- a big well done to all the children for their participation, concentration and hard work.

You will have all received a Teams invite to Thursday morning’s session from either Mrs Goldspink or Mrs Bissett. You will find more information about this session in the email sent to your child’s email account. Please RSVP.

Please do not send any work via the Teams chat. We will only respond to any correspondence via the email addresses above.

Wednesday’s Learning (Remote Learners and learning in school):

Phonics and Writing– Live AM session to Remote learners/Teacher led session in school

Phonic consonant blend: mp

For those children who are remote learning and did not manage to make the live session, please teach your child the ‘mp’ blend. This is not a new sound. It is two sounds blended together and this blend is a common/popular blend in words.

Encourage reading words with the ‘mp’ blend and then let your child have a go at writing words with the ‘mp’ blend.

Adult-led Activity 1: Communication and Language- Talk through the images displayed in the PowerPoint. This task is to really focus on vocabulary and speaking. Ask the children to write words or a sentences relating to their favourite image.

Winter Power Point Pictures

Adult-led Activity 2: Maths- Numicon addition activity. This activity can be also made practical if you wanted to use equipment/toys etc to make the calculation.

Wednesday- Numicon Adding to 10

Wednesday – Numicon Adding to 20

Independent Activity: Build a house for a penguin to live in. This may be done through junk modelling, using malleable materials around the house/garden or even construction materials e.g. lego.

Have a lovely evening!

Many thanks,

The Reception Team.






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