Wednesday’s Maths – Mrs Elvins

Good morning everyone!  Here is your Maths work for Wednesday!

Remember to start with a column on your Daily Practice sheet!  Now practise counting in multiples of 2, 3, 4 and 5 up to the twelfth multiple (ie. 2 x 12).  Can you count the multiples forwards and backwards?  If there is someone else you can practise with, can you play ‘Ping Pong’ like we do in class (you say one multiple and someone else says the next one etc).

How did you get on with the true or false questions yesterday?  The first one was true – the number sentences did match the place value grids!  The second one was also true!  The missing digit in each calculation was 9!

For the next week or two, we are now going to look at money!  Today and tomorrow we are going to be reinforcing our current understanding of money before we apply that understanding to our objectives next week.

First watch today’s video.


Now complete the activity on counting money in pence.  Everyone should be able to have a go at all the questions today!

Activity sheet

If you want to try something else, ask an adult to give you different handfuls of coins to count and total or try this challenge!

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