Year 1 – Remote Learning – Thursday 14th January

Thursday 14th January 2021


Thursday – nearly half way through January already!  We can’t wait until the mornings and evenings get lighter.

Online Phonics Lessons

Owls start at 9:15 . Please log on at 9:10 to be ready and waiting.

Hedgehogs start at 10:00.  Please log on at 9:50 to be ready and waiting.

We will have a quick hello with the children before the lesson starts.

You will have received an email invitation to join a meeting at 9:15. We have invited all of the children in each class who are learning at home to this one session at the same time.

After our initial hello please make sure:

  • a parent is in the room with you
  • your microphone is muted
  • your camera is turned off

We need you to do this so we are sure that the Internet signal is strong enough to deliver the lesson to a large number of children at once.  You will also need a pencil and paper. Parents will need to help with these sessions to ensure their child is speaking at the computer and trying to sound the words out accurately with writing.


Phonics lesson – Go on Bug Club and play the ‘igh’ language game.


Please work through the PowerPoint about Instruction Writing.  Can you remember any of the features of instruction writing. Today we are looking at imperative verbs.  Can you spot the imperative verbs on slide 8.   On slide 14 spin the wheel to choose an imperative verb and write a command on a piece of paper.


Thursday 14th January – Introducing imperative verbs

Thursday 14th January – Introducing imperative verbs


We are starting to practice our mental maths.  On WordPress there will be mental maths sheet for the children to practice their number bonds to 10.  We are working towards the children being able to complete one column in 2 minutes or faster!  Please only complete one column per day – the sheet is for a whole week. They can use their fingers to help if they need to.

Children build on comparing numbers to 10 by comparing numbers up to 20.

In this step, children will be given abstract numbers and need to be encouraged to use previous learning to choose an efficient method to compare numbers.

Within examples, make sure children are also continuing to compare numbers below 10 as well as 10 and aboveWhen you have worked through the PP please complete your worksheet either One Star, Two Star or Three Star.  Your groups for maths work has been sent out to you on an email.  Please only complete one set of work.

Thursday 14th January – Year1-GAME-Comparing-numbers

Thursday 14th January – Year1-WORKSHEETS-Compare-numbers

Thursday 14th January – Compare numbers

Design Technology

Today you are going to look design the best sleigh in the World.

Thursday 14th Jan – Designing your sleigh for WordPress

Guided Reading

Today’s reading group should have received a Teams meeting invite for a lesson at 2:00 until 2:30. Look out for the invite!


Story Time!!!

Please click on the link below to listen to The Dragon Machine.

Which animal was your favourite?


In the files for the week you will find some handwriting sheets, mums and dads if you are finding it tricky to concentrate on work this is an ideal activity for children to complete independently.


Additional Handwriting if needed – High frequency words

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