Year 3 Home Learning 14.1.21

Thursday 14th January.

Good Morning,

You should find a Teams invitation in your email account inviting you all to a meeting on Friday (15th) morning. Please accept this if you wish to join.


Today you will finish your fact file on Yetis, using a sub-heading. So far, you should have written a main heading for your fact file, included a picture in the box and completed the top four sections.

Under the last of the four sections (‘Height’), you should have lines that fill up the rest of the page. On the first line, think of one more sub-heading. This could be something like: ‘Other interesting facts’ or ‘Fun Yeti facts’. You can use one of those examples or think of your own!

Now, using your facts from Tuesday, you are going to write one final sub-heading about Yetis, which will include subordinating conjunctions.

Watch this short clip on subordinating conjunctions:

(A subordinating clause is a part of a sentence that adds additional information to the main clause. A subordinating conjunction is simply the word/words that is used to join a subordinating clause to another clause or sentence, such as because, although and while).

Use the subordinating conjunctions in red to complete these facts about Yetis:

  • Yetis are nocturnal because
  • Many people believe in Yetis although
  • Some people say they have seen a Yeti when/while

You can now use these sentences under your sub-heading you have just written on your fact file sheet. If you have chosen to write some Yeti facts, start each one on a new line with either a number or a bullet point. Then, if you have any extra space, find another fact you want to include. We will be looking out for your subordinating conjunctions when you send us your work later today!


Maths note: Tomorrow, there will only be one Maths post. So if you are in Mrs Elvins group for Maths, don’t wait for a separate post! This will be the same every Friday. All children to access the work in the daily post on a Friday.

Miss Reilly Maths

Complete Thursday on your Daily Practise sheet.

I hope you have all found using the written strategy for subtraction OK this week. From your work, it looks like you are all using place value well to set out your calculations. Well done! Just be careful if you need to exchange – do not be tempted to swap the numbers round! For example, if you had: 83 – 19, you can’t do 3-9, so you must exchange!

Complete Activity 1: You have 5 questions and answers. Your job is to work out whether the answers are correct or not. If the answer is incorrect, try to explain what has gone wrong. If the answer is correct, you don’t need to write an explanation. 

Activity 1

Your second activity is a game, which includes both addition and subtraction. Choose from either page 1 or page 2. If you don’t have anyone to play this with, you can still play it by yourself! Read the instructions carefully at the top of the page. 

Activity 2


Afternoon Session:

RE (Religious Education). This term, we are looking at Judaism. Watch the following two clips, which introduces Judaism and explains a little more about this religion:

Then use the PowerPoint below to explore what Jews believe.

Discuss the facts on the final slide. These are some of the key features of Judaism that you need to know and remember! You could write these down in your book for future reference. 


Following on from yesterday’s PE suggestion, here are the latest release of PE At Home cards on invasion games. KS2 is on Page 3. There might be some ideas you want to try out!


Have a good day,

Year 3 Team

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